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Made in Canada, PVC ProSlat Slatwall is made from 90% recycled materials, this high-density solid core slatwall holds 75lbs per square foot with a lifetime warranty. Patented hidden screw design gives a superior professional finished look. 5” slats, available in 8’x4’ kits with trims or 4’x4’ kits with trims, numerous colors to choose from.

Also choose from the newest in slatwall technology ProCore, holding up to 200lbs per square foot, it is compatible with 24” and 16” O.C stud spacing, featuring a hidden solid aluminum core strip and a patented hidden screw design, this slatwall also comes with ProSlat’s Lifetime warranty. Available in White 8’x4’ kits with trims.

Even more exciting is the new ProCore+ which has all the same great features as ProCore but comes in 2 gorgeous, laminated Carbon Fiber finishes. Available in Carbon Fiber Silver Gray & Black Carbon Fiber in 8’x4’ Kits with trims.
And lastly the ProSlat Aluminum Slatwall kits, a beautiful, brushed finish, fire resistant, easy to clean, lifetime warranty slatwall. Holding up to 200lbs per square foot, this ruggedly durable slatwall option really delivers when it comes to style. Available in 8’x4’ or 4’x4’ kits with trims.

Proslat Accessories