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Did you know that there are many famous bands that started in a Garage? Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, Buddy Holly, the Ramones & Nirvana are just a few of them! Imagine creating a space for the next famous band! We have customers who build or outfit their garage specifically for more space – games, working out and yes – jamming to music!

We can help you finish your garage too! From Attic Storage Trusses, Insulation and Vapor Barriers to Drywall to Paint! We have it all. We also provide many Slatwall, and Trusscore panelling options. Talk to one of our Sales Specialists today about what finish it right for you!

We can provide Heating options as well. Make your Garage your sanctuary.

Contact us for a Interior Design & Finishing Solutions quote today! Our knowledgeable staff will work to get you exactly what you need!

As with all our products we are proudly partnered with FinanceIT for financing options.