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Did you know that there are still close to 6 million classic cars on the road, in museums and in garages today? The most popular decades are the 1960’s & 1970’s. A recent study by the Insurer Hagerty, showed that 57% of people aged 27-42 would like to get into the Classic Car market.

Elevate your garage with a Car Lift, we proudly sell Lift King Lifts, made in Alberta. We can order 4 & 2 Post Hobbyist lifts as well as Larger 2 Post and scissor lifts. 

Adding a lift to your project can help with your hobby classic or your summer sporty! Create an extra parking spot or a space to tinker with your toys. 

Quality safe Lifts at affordable prices are what these are all about, boasting a 5-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty on the lift itself, these products are top tier for any garage enthusiast.